Passenger information (stationary)

The ability to provide travellers with accurate and timely information is an important factor in running a successful passenger transportation service.

For this reason, DiLoc|Motion links the dispatching process directly to the stationary display and announcement systems (monitors, information panels, overhead displays, loudspeakers…) as well as transportation companies in the area via the VDV-interface (Association of German

Transport Companies) so that all decisions relating to dispatching that have an impact on travellers are communicated both visually and acoustically without delay at the stations using the relevant displays and loudspeakers.
Due to the high degree of automation provided by this solution, no additional personnel is required to operate the passenger information service.

The displays are controlled in real time by DiLoc|Motion. This makes it possible to provide consistently up-to-date passenger information at stations, on board the vehicles themselves and via the internet and apps in the event of delays, disruptions, missed connections or platform changes. Even text-to-speech announcements are generated live in DiLoc.

In addition to automatic output, all of the displays and loudspeakers can be addressed individually and in groups with specific content. Technical functional monitoring is also integrated into the system.