Information Logistics

Information technology for passenger and freight transportation

CN-Consult provides software solutions for dispatching, localisation, passenger information services and convenient document distribution procedures as well as comprehensive turnkey systems that make use of non-proprietary hardware for the purposes of passenger information services both at the station and on board the vehicle itself.

Thanks to our profound expertise and extensive background knowledge of the industry, we are perfectly set up to provide you with comprehensive, tailor-made solutions.

Use our expertise to your advantage!


Our independent, web-based platform with multi-
client capability for dispatching, localisation and
passenger information services aimed at transpor-
tation companies in the passenger and freight trans-
portation industries.


Our systems solution (software and hardware) for
on-board passenger information services.


Our system for convenient distribution of documen-
tation and a communication platform for your mobile
workforce not to mention document exchange with
partners (collaboration).


Development and production of innovative displays
that make use of modern technology such as LED
and TFT.