Innovative display systems using cutting-edge technology

In addition to its highly attractive design, what makes our LED and TFT display technology particularly appealing is the vastly reduced life cycle costs.

To this end, we only ever use cutting-edge technology during the development stage. This is characterised by:

  • low energy costs,
  • a long service life and high degree of availability,
  • freedom from maintenance and ease of servicing and
  • the use of conventional, industry-standard components

Overhead LED display


Overhead TFT display


Information panel (activ and passive)


Monitors (32”-55”)


One of our group companies, CN-Tec GmbH, develops the displays for our comprehensive turnkey systems. The hardware, which is tailored specifically to the requirements of DiLoc, is manufactured according to our specifications so that we can maintain the level of flexibility required for a creative and innovative development process.